School Partner Application

School Partner Application

Principal/Headmaster Information

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School Information and Start Date

Statement of Interest

We are interested in hearing why you feel your school can benefit from our program and knowing that your school leadership team, as well as your staff, are committed to learning how mindfulness and mindful movement education can help change your school climate and the overall wellbeing of your school.

You do not need to speak to the benefits of mindfulness and yoga, but please tell us what is happening at your school that makes you feel The SMP is needed. You might choose to share mental health, truancy, detention, school violence, academic, referral and other statistics specific to your school that will help provide a picture of the current climate in your school. A story (with names redacted) or a description of particular incidents, patterns of behavior or recurring issues is a helpful way for us to see your school as well. Please also include any relevant information or statistics regarding retention of staff and job satisfaction. If you become a partnering school, we may use this information to help raise funds for programming at your school.

You should receive a reply from us confirming receipt of your email and can expect a response from our team within two to four weeks letting you know if we’re able to meet with you for the purposes of moving forward in partnership.

We plan to support Philadelphia schools indefinitely as we build this sustainable programming, so if your school is not selected at this time, please feel welcome to reach out again.